Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the world's most beloved, and played games, and the flagship game by Valve has been soaring in popularity has the years progressed.

Now, in shocking news, it appears they're ready to reveal and release the next iteration of CS, with Counter Strike 2.

Here's everything we know!

Counter-Strike 2: Release Date, Source 2 Engine, Skins and Everything You Need To Know

Valve has officially announced the release of CS 2, and it'll come in Summer of 2023.

The announcement of the game came via a new aritcle from Richard Lewis, who dives into great detail regarding the long awaited move to the Source 2 Engine for CS.

Within the article, Lewis noted that the following aspects would be coming to Counter Strike 2.

  • 128 Tick Servers
  • Source 2 Engine with graphical overhaul
  • Improved Matchmaking system.

Furthermore, Richard Lewis also noted that a beta is set to go live on April 1st, with an official announcement sometime during the tail-end of March.

While the context of CS is going to stay the same, it's more or less similar to how Overwatch handled their release of Overwatch 2.

The foundation of the game is still the same, but a new graphics engine, along with quality of life changes will make CS grow even further.

Now, it appears that the Source 2 brand has been added into the developer pre-release branch according to Twitter user Aquaismissing.