Fortnite has been undergoing one of its best periods in recent memory, as with the new season releasing, theres a ton of content for players to check out

Now that it's the end of the month, a brand new update is on the way.

Last time out, Dragon Ball x Fortnite brought a sea of themed content including new Gohan and Piccolo skins.

Now, we're gearing up for the brand new update for the new season, and we're going to dive into all we know about Fortnite Update V23.50.

Release Date

The new Fortnite update should release sometime around February 28 at 9AM GMT.

Update Size

Here are the file sizes for the new Fortnite update:

  • PS4 - TBD
  • PS5 - TBD
  • PC - TBD
Patch Notes

Encrypted and unencrypted messages have been intercepted in the form of Cipher Quests. The unencrypted messages are straightforward, but it’s up to you to solve the mystery of the encrypted ones! Figure out how to crack the encrypted Quests then complete all of them. In the process, take up the unvaulted Six Shooter and Infantry Rifle!

Fortnite Cipher Quests In Battle Royale


Messages received.

In the Cipher Quests section of the Quests page, you’ll find unencrypted Quests that have clear objectives, and an encrypted Quest with an objective that’s… inconclusive. Use the clues at your disposal to figure it out! After completing the encrypted Quest, you’ll unlock the next one after it becomes available. A new Cipher Quest will be added each day until March 7, 2023, and all the Quests will be available until 3/10/23.

Earn XP by completing individual Cipher Quests. For completing certain amounts of Cipher Quests, you’ll unlock new items for your Locker:

  • 7 unencrypted Cipher Quests: Keep the Peace Spray

  • 15 unencrypted Cipher Quests: Order Up Loading Screen

  • 24 unencrypted Cipher Quests: Deciphered Emoticon

  • 3 encrypted Cipher Quests: Circuitry Wrap

Fortnite Cipher Quests Item Rewards
For completing a certain encrypted Cipher Quest, you’ll unlock the Distant Roar Spray.


Fortnite Six Shooter And Infantry Rifle
Speaking of mysteries, it’s no mystery that the Six Shooter and the Infantry Rifle are out of the vault! These classic weapons can be found from the ground, Chests, and Supply Drops. Some of the Cipher Quests will have you using 'em!


  • The Oathbound Chest spawn rate has increased from 70% to 100%.

  • Players have an increased chance to roll the Mechanical Archer Reality Augment.

  • In v23.50, Reality Augments you haven't unlocked will be more likely to unlock.


  • Fixed the issue that caused us to disable the Rift-jector Seat Reality Augment. This Reality Augment is now re-enabled.

  • Current map
  • This season's level up pack 'Galaxy Knight'.
  • Unvaulted
    • P90
    • Double Pistol
    • Heavy Pistol (Deagle)
    • Heavy Sniper
    • Boom Sniper Exotic
    • Hop Rock Dualies Exotic
  • TBD
Save The World
Bug Fixes

Here are the issues looking to be fixed in the next update:

  • General Issues
    • The Sparkle Specialist outfit is not reflective and shiny.
    • Sarah Connor's Resistance Leader style has a stretched face.
    • Players are unable to claim the Exile variation of the Mind's Eye back bling
    • Sub mode select screen may appear blank.
  • Battle Royale Issues
    • School of Llama banners missing/greyed out
    • "Shadow Strike" Augment temporarily disabled.
    • The "Icy Slide" Augment description is incorrect.
    • Peely’s Plunder may lead to treasure in inaccessible areas.
  • Creative Issues
    • Save Device may reset player scores and other stats
    • Tiles can become invisible in color switch game mode
  • Mobile & Cloud Gaming Issues
    • Some devices may be capped to 60 FPS despite selecting 90 FPS