GTA 6 is perhaps the most anticipated game of all time, and while Rockstar Game has been shut regarding any news pertaining to the title, a new leak has emerged which finally indicates when the game is going to be revealed.

Here's what we know!

GTA 6 Could Be Revealed This June According To New Details

The leaks source is TezFunz2 who, for those who don't already know, is one of the most well known and accurate leakers that the GTA community has had over the years.

So, there's some claim to this leak, and it comes from a GTA Forums post, where Tez goes into detail around what they think Rockstar's plans could be for the Summer of 2023.

Tez has noted the following:

"I ain't going to lie. I feel like the next time we could recieve some news or an update is around June or July. Likely the latter."

"If Rockstar were to tease anything GTA6 related within GTA Online around September or October, it has ot be included with the Summer update."

"But if Rockstar were to reveal they would celebrate GTA Online's 10th anniversary and provide news on the next title, then including a random event or an activity teasing the next title."

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