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Hogwarts Legacy allows aspiring wizards and witches to attend classes and carry out tasks that they will have watched from the Harry Potter movies.

However, this has been a solo adventure for many wizards, as there is no multiplayer portion of the game for the time being.

Here's if they're intending on adding multiplayer to Hogwarts Legacy.

Is There Going To Be Multiplayer in Hogwarts Legacy?

While the game has shattered sales since it's release, fans of the game are quickly wondering if there's ever going to be multiplayer within the game.

For those that don't already know, the idea of Quiditch has put aside during development of Hogwarts Legacy, to focus on other aspects of the game.

For the time being, it dosen't appear to be any official news of multiplayer coming to Hogwarts Legacy.

But, this dosen't mean there isn't mods avaliable for download to allow multiplayer!